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Boris at Black Out 1988

Since  1988

Boris and his first record player

Growing up with a musical and guitar-playing father, Boris decided at the tender age of 9 that music was the journey he would like to pursuit in life.

At this age, his father bought him his first turntable, so that he could build up his musical confidence and learn how to control his own Hi Fi. Only a few years later, Boris got fascinated by the nightlife, which he discovered at a young age in the local Disco "Black Out" of his hometown in Germany in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The Disk Jokey`s skill of mixing different sounds together and seeing the fascinating effects of sounds and music and how that correlates with the people in the room, that is when Boris had found his passion.

It was not so common for his age, yet Boris spent hours hanging around the Dj cabin which soon lead him to be the Light Jokey of this particular Nightclub, Black Out. Honing his skills at home, mixing one turntable in with the cassette player, Boris was learning the art of mixing before he got his hands on a mixing desk! The resident Dj of the club was therefore not hesitant of letting Boris mix a few tracks at the beginning of the night, which helped him to learn the generals of mixing.

In Boris` hometown there were many U.S military bases. This American influence was reflected on the Electro Funk style and Soul, Disco elements of the time. From this time on, music had become his passion and Djing his way of life. Shortly after in 1987, at the birth of house music, Boris began to regularly play the warm up for the night in Black Out.

In his continuous music search, he had decided to go to the Meca of house music: IBIZA. He sent a biography and a mix tape , from Germany, to Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia and Space with details written on them when Boris would arrive to the Island. 3 months later, carrying his record box, Boris went directly to Pacha Ibiza where he was sent to the Dj cabin by the doormen, where Dj Pippi was playing.

After waiting the longest 3 hours of his life, Pippi had given Boris the chance to play his music at PACHA ZENITH on his first day of arrival! 

After getting the chance of playing for a few hours the next day, he then ended up playing for a Ministry of Sound Event in the Zenith room a couple of days later. 

He was and still is thankful to Pippi and Roberto for this great opportunity they gave him at Pacha!

Since then, Boris has been playing in many different legendary parties and clubs, and has always taken the spirit of IBIZA´s music with him. Find out more about his career and past events here.

"It was so early on for house music...DJs kept playing commercial chart music so that I decided to search for inspiration by listening to house DJ`s sets in cities like Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg."


"I guess Pippi was very surprised to see me, thinking I was a bit crazy turning up at Pacha with my records asking for a turn on the decks".  

Pacha Zenith 1996
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